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Columnist Erma Bombeck

Rochester, NY -- A Pittsford woman is giving a voice to columnist Erma Bombeck.

Pam Sherman is playing Bombeck in the one-woman show “A Wit’s End at Geva Theatre.

Geva's Artistic Director Mark Cuddy said Sherman was his only choice, “Right in my first read, the producer in me thought-- Pam Sherman is our contemporary Erma Bombeck!”

Like Bombeck, Sherman is also a columnist-- aka the Suburban Outlaw a weekly column in which she shares her humorous views on her life and the community.

Sherman is also an actress but she had not been on the stage in 13 years, and the idea was a bit intimidating.

“I almost said no”, admits Sherman. “I was afraid. I was busy running my business, sending my kids to college. How could I take a hiatus? But I couldn't recommend it more. Anything you're afraid say ‘yes’ to, it is so worth it in the end”, advises Sherman.

She says the return to stage is like learning to ride a bike all over again. She left one comfort zone and rediscover another on stage

The decision to return to stage was also made easier for Sherman because Bombeck has always been one of her idols.

If ticket sales are any indication her performance is a hit. It's already one of Geva’s fastest selling shows on its fielding stage.

“At Wit’s End” runs January 26-February 18th.

January 23rd 2018 | Democrat & Chronicle