Leadership Organizations


Pam Sherman has been a highly rated, global resource for the top Leadership Organizations in the world.  Young President’s Organization (YPO), Vistage and Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) have had Sherman EDGE™ Programs at the core of their Education and Leadership Development initiatives.  Her events include, Global Leadership Conferences, Regional Conferences, Chapter, Spouse and Young Adult events. 

In addition, Sherman has conducted Chapter Couples Retreats and other retreats. Pam works with you to design and facilitate the event that best meets your audience needs. Sherman, an attorney, actor, professor, columnist and radio host works with leaders around the world to share their stories with passion.

Finding your Personal EDGE™ is an inspirational and interactive program about following your dreams and finding your ultimate mission. Pam Sherman tells the story of how she pursued her dream of leaving the law, becoming an actor and how she “recalibrated” her own dreams into her new career as the Gannett columnist, the Suburban Outlaw®. She will explore the meaning of living on the EDGE™ to Explore, Dream, Grow and Excite in the best possible way, in order to make a difference in your life and leadership.

Leadership Storytelling: Sharing Your Story with an EDGE™ is an exciting and interactive presentation about finding your voice, passion and learning skills that will help you to craft, present and live your own story. Pam Sherman shares her story and help participants explore personal storytelling techniques utilizing skills used by actors, including voice/body language/role objective/improvisation techniques to help you share your story with passion.

Retreat Facilitation: Sherman provides “deep dive” facilitated sessions for Forums and other groups, designed and customized to meet the needs of both the individual and the group collectively.